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HAEGARDEN Semisulcospira libertina soup

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  • South Korea South Korea
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HAEGARDEN Semisulcospira libertina soup


│Type of food│Instant foods


Semisulcospira libertine, semisulcospira libertina meat, Raphanus sativus L., Daucus carota L., Allium tuberosum, Flammulina velutipes, Laminaria japonica Areshoung, Salt, Dried lentinus edodes, Allium sativum L., Capsicum annuum L. seed, Dried capsicum annuum L., Capsicum annuum L.

│Price│6,500 KRW


  • It is a clear, refreshing semisulcospira libertina soup made by boiling blue-colored semisculcospira libertina broth added with allium tuberosum.

  • Blue-colored soup unique to semisulcospira libertina

  • It is an easily packed product to eat after heating in any place by reducing cooking time so that busy modern people can enjoy it in a simple way

  • It is effective in treating and improving liver diseases such as hepatitis, liver cancer, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, and etc and is a richly boiled product made with materials that our ancestors have used from old times because it is very good for a hangover, neuralgia, eyesight, and etc.

  • Featuring three nothings such as no preservatives, no artificial colorings, and no MSG, it is made with natural food materials to create the taste of broth.

  • It is an organic product made with non-pesticides food materials with the thought of feeding my child

  • It is made from semisulcospira libertina gathered from a domestic clean and permitted area.

  • It is made by “HAEGARDEN”, a healing food manufacturer using genuine natural life-related materials