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MP. Nature 77 plus red ginseng

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  • South Korea South Korea
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MP. Nature 77 plus red ginseng

│Package│70ml x 60 pouches, PET+AL+CRP (inside) polypropylene

│Type of food│Extracted processed foods

│Ingredient│Semisulcospira libertina, Red ginseng

│Price│98,000 KRW


  • Aspiration for refreshment

  • It is a liquid drink extracted from the mixture of semisulcospira libertina and red ginseng good for refreshment.

  • It is extracted from the mixture of red ginseng good for refreshment and enhanced immunity and semisulcospira libertina good for detoxification, helpful for detoxification, enhanced immunity, and refreshment. It also removed a fishy smell.

  • Efficacy of semisulcospira libertina: It is effective in treating and improving liver diseases such as hepatitis, liver cancer, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, etc and is a material that our ancestors have used from old times because it is very good for a hangover, neuralgia, eyesight, and etc. It is scientifically proved that semisulcospira libertina extract has strong cytotoxicity against gastric cancer cell lines (SUN-1), lung cancer cell lines (A 540), and liver cancer cell lines (Hep 3B), having a growth-inhibiting effect on cancer cells. It is made up of 7 kinds of major amino acids such as aspartic acid, alanine, glycine, and etc

  • Efficacy of red ginseng: Red ginseng is very good for aging prevention, blood circulation, enhanced immunity, and anemia treatment. It has a property similar to ginseng, but has a lot of saponin unlike ginseng.

  • Recommended for those who have the following symptoms

    - Those who have a weak immunity
    - Students who have to study hard
    - Those who have a difficult time getting up in the morning and get tired easilye