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The Onions 100

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  • South Korea South Korea
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│Package│70ml x 60 pouches, PET+AL+CRP (inside) polypropylene, PET+AL+CRP (inside) polypropylene

│Type of food│Extracted processed foods


│Price│80,000 KRW


  • Sweet temptation of diet

  • The Onions 100 is made by extracting ingredients unique to onions after decocting organic onions in a cauldron for 48 hours using low fire.

  • Efficacy of onion: According to “Dongeuibogam,” a medical textbook written during the Joseon Dynasty, it is effective for a cold, fatigue, insomnia, artery hardening, blood circulation, alleviation of fever, constipation, renal function, and liver function, etc. As the medicinal effect of onion revealed these days, it is known that sulfur compound with a sharp taste and unique smell play a crucial role. Pectin and flavonoid, etc are found to be antimicrobial, anticancer, detoxifying actions, and etc.

  • Onion is effective in lowering cholesterol content in blood by inhibiting the formation of cholesterol or facilitating the decomposition of cholesterol in the process of lipid metabolism after being absorbed into the body

  • Recommended for those who have the following symptoms

    - Those who eat a lot of meat
    - Those who have plenty of cholesterol in blood
    - Those who are on a diet